I don’t insult people, I describe them.
---Unknown (via d-a-r-k-symphony)
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                                                     Don’t underestimate me 

         because just as the p r e t t i e s t of storms

                                  strike with lightning or the most c o l o r f u l

             of roses have their thorns, I will deceive you with my beauty

                                                     and destroy you with my sins.

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    Although Sakura wasn’t one to let her feelings out so openly toward others, doing so in front of Hinata was easy - and every bit of emotion she spilled out from her heart was genuinely true. It would be a complete understatement to say she didn’t miss her, the bond they formed together seemed everlasting. Despite it being weak in the beginning, slowly, before they both knew it - they began to become close.

    Much like how they are now. She almost couldn’t help that bubble of sadness she felt since the very beginning she laid eyes upon the Hyuga, screaming - and begging to be pushed to the surface. She was worried of what could’ve happened to her friend if she didn’t return quick enough.

           ”You… Tears would begin to prickle at her vision, but she didn’t allow any to fall. Since when did she become the emotional type? You.. had me worried! Heaven only knows what could’ve happened to you if you didn’t return early enough and..—


    She couldn’t even find the right words to muster because of the confused, multi-emotional state she was in. How was she even supposed to feel? Sad? Happy? Her mind was nothing but a complete, random spur of emotions.

      A sad smile adorned her features, happy when knowing that the pink haired nin had missed her. Sure, she would’ve been glad if her disappearance went unnoticed, yet that wasn’t didn’t happen. The opposite did. She had many people worry over her, wondering where she could be. As soon as she had arrived at her house, member of the Hyuga clan were gathering around her, embracing her and squeezing her too tightly. 

     Hands cupped at the pinkette’s cheeks, thumbs caressing their very softness before planting a kiss upon her forehead. She didn’t want to let it show; The sadness she had felt throughout the time she had left Konoha. She only bore it because of the bond she had made. She was supposed to cut them off, hurt everyone using poisonous words and then leave. She had thought of doing so before leaving, but her heart didn’t let her.

     ”I’m sorry, ne.” a faint chuckle could be heard, the smile on her lips dropping so slightly as she noticed the watery eyes of her friend. Don’t cry… She wanted to say, but she knew the result of those words.

     ”I’m back now, isn’t that what matters?” he lower lip was pouted out, flicking the female’s nose in a playful manner; She had definitely missed this. Missed being around someone she was comfortable with. Strangers aren’t so very nice.

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мαякѕ σƒ вαттℓє , they still feel raw

  A million p i e c e s of me, on the floor

      I’m {damaged goods} for all to see

Now who would ever wanna be with me?

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                                           I won’t b-o-w
                                                       I won’t    / b / r / e / a / k /
                                                             I’ll keep on    F I G H T I N G 
                                                    To protect { LOVED } ones
                                       And take down what I < HATE >

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                                        In  the  end  you

                                        n    e    v    e    r

                                       can ωαѕн the   {blood}

                                       from     your     hands

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   // holds close; i’m sorry babe ;; it’ll get better eventually~ just get lots of rest

     {//Can’t rest ;;; have to go to school. They wouldn’t give me any time of only because the leg, so I have to drag myself at school so ehh //sobs and snuggles}

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//A good slap would do that anon good e-e

     {//mm ‘s ok actually since I think I know who they are. Plus they wouldn’t give a rats arse about my well being so yeah}

//amg Kitty you broke your leg? D: What happened? Are you okay? ;n;

     {//Yeah I did. Well I had a meeting with my middle school classmates and asked my ex to drop me home. When we got home, being the stupid me I managed to get my leg stuck between the seat and door and when I twisted to pull it out I heard a loud crack and that was my leg. I had to be carried in the house ;;;}

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ugh r00d anon ;hugs the kittu

     {//cries and clings to Bekka my leg is killing meee ;AA;}

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